Stanriv® bolted silos

The concept: Prefabricated silo parts are delivered in sea containers and simply bolted together. It is simple and easy! No welders or specialized personnel are required! Stanriv® bolted silos offer you the full advantage of a high-quality aluminum silo but eliminate the requirement for welding during site assembly. Stanriv® bolted silos are:

  • Assembled using a unique patented design
  • Delivered as an assembly kit in prefabricated segments
  • Shipped in standard 40 ft sea containers
  • Offered both in custum desiged as well as standard sizes

Assembly of Stanriv® silos is very easy and requires little time. Where other suppliers apply a sealing between silos segments, J&D applies the sealing on the outside. This innovative patented technology does not require gaskets, with risk of damage/leakage. Instead a seal is applied to the outer flange connection ensuring tightness.

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4 silos 500 m³ and 1 central pipe gravity blender 170 m³
Bolted Stanriv® central pipe gravity blender