Gravity blenders

Gravity blending has gained importance in the petrochemical industry, not only to ensure quality of the end product in polymer plants, but also in view of saving operational costs. We supply the best gravity blending technology available in the market. With the Avery gravity blender® you can blend large volumes (up to 2 000 m³) with minimum recirculation and obtain a top-quality blend. Reduction in recirculation saves you time, energy and results in a significant reduction of dust and debris which is created during recirculation.The patented blending technology we offer today has been developed over thirty years through extensive testing and working closely with customers in polymer plants.

Avery gravity blenders® are used in almost all polymer processes on the market today, also for sticky products such as LDPE/EVA. Avery blenders can be combined with degassing, cooling, inerting or drying. With a track record of more than a thousand gravity blenders in operation, you can rely on us to be your partner for optimizing your blending requirements.

Floating top hole principle
Test blender at J&D Zaandam Avery gravity blender®