Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Zaandam, 13 July 2018

Collection and use of personal data belonging to customers, suppliers and other contractors

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will collect and use the personal data you provide us because this is essential to conclude and perform a possible agreement with you. This applies to both our (potential) customers and (potential) parties we purchase goods and/or services from.

If you are a (potential) customer, we will use your data to send you a quotation, to determine which specifications or wishes certain goods or services must meet, to deliver goods or perform services for you, to invoice you and to communicate efficiently with you concerning to the implementation aspects of the agreement.

If you are a (potential) supplier or (potential) contractor, your personal data is also required for concluding and performing the agreement. In case of purchasing, this is necessary in order to be able to inform you which specifications or wishes certain goods or services should meet, to be able to send a request for a request or to place an order with you, to be able to pay your invoices and to be able to communicate efficiently with you concerning other aspects of the agreement.

You are not obliged to provide your personal data to us. If you do not provide us personal data or provide us insufficient personal data we may not be able to carry out the above mentioned activities.

Transfer to third parties

In connection with the performance of a possible agreement with you it may be necessary to provide your personal data to parties that supply parts, materials or products to us or who perform activities on our instructions.

Retention period personal data

If you requested a quotation from us, but you did not become a customer of ours, we will delete your data no later than one year after our last contact. We will also delete your personal data no later than one year after our last contact if we received a quotation from you but we did not become your customer. If you did become our customer or we did become your customer, we will retain your personal data for seven years after the end of the financial year in which the agreement with you has been performed and completed. The period of seven years corresponds with the period we are obliged to keep our records for the Tax and Customs Administration. We will delete your personal data after this period.

Your rights

You have the right to request inspection of your personal data. If there is reason to do so, you may also request us to complete your personal data or to correct inaccuracies. You also have the right to request that your personal data be deleted or that the use of your personal data be limited. You can also submit an objection to the collection and use of your personal data to us or submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. And finally, you have the right to request to obtain your personal data or that they are transferred to another party. In order to be able to exercise your rights, you can apply to: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or require further information concerning the collection and use of your personal data.


What are Cookies?

The website of Jansens & Dieperink uses cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer which help to remember certain types of data, such as the browser language settings. Cookies are also used to distinguish you from other users of our Website. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and also allows us to improve our Website. We use the following cookies:

  • Technical cookies
    These cookies are essential for navigation within the website and to use all its functionality. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to provide the requested services. These cookies helps us to make our website more user-friendly. These cookies do not collect information for commercial purposes and when you close your browser technical cookies are not stored on your device.
    • Analytical cookies
      Analytical cookies allow us to recognise and to count the number of visitors to our website, to see how visitors move around the website and to record which content viewers view and are interested in. This helps us to determine how frequently particular pages are visited and to determine the most popular areas of our website. This helps us to improve the service which we offer you, so that we make sure our users are finding the information they are looking for.
    • Advertising cookies
      Advertising cookies are placed on our website and also on the websites of third-parties. These cookies are placed, based on your browsing behaviour, in order for us to offer relevant and personal deals. The advertising cookie will keep track of whether you have seen the advertisement, how often you have seen the advertisement and how often you clicked on the advertisement. At the same time it will prevent you will see the advertisement again.

    Facebook Pixel

    This application serves to address the visitor to the website with interest-related advertising on the social network Facebook. We have implemented Facebook’s remarketing tag on our website for this purpose. This tag sets up a direct connection to Facebook’s servers when you visit our website. This informs the Facebook server which of our web pages you have visited. Facebook assigns this information to your personal Facebook user account. When you visit the social network Facebook you will then be shown personalised, interest-related Facebook ads. You can find more detailed information about Facebook’s data privacy policy by clicking on this link.

    Google maps
    Our website includes content from Google Maps of the company Google LLC (“Google”). If you visit a subpage of our website on which Google Maps is embedded, data about your behaviour when using Google Maps will be transmitted to and processed by Google. For example, Google will be informed that you have accessed the respective subpage of our website. Moreover, your IP address will be transmitted. If you are a Google customer and logged into a Google service, this data will be directly connected to your Google account. If you wish to prevent this from happening, you must log out of Google before visiting our website. You will find more information about Google’s data privacy policy by clicking on this link. 

    Rejecting cookies

    You can configure your browser to inform you about the use of cookies so that you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept or reject a cookie. Alternatively, your browser can be configured to automatically accept cookies under certain conditions or to always reject them, or to automatically delete cookies when closing your browser. Click on one of the links below too see how this is done:

    Disabling cookies may limit the functionality of this website.