Site assembly

Experts in on-site assembly, J&D offer the peace of mind that comes with hiring the most experienced and well-equipped people for the job. We understand that paramount to successful construction is safety, followed closely by the uppermost level of competence in the fields of logistics and quality control. Having performed site-work on petrochemical complexes in 60 countries, you can be assured that J&D will deliver the maximum industrial standards of safety.

This is all guaranteed with state-of-the-art equipment operated by our highly-trained and experienced crews. Extensive resources and personnel mean that this is happening at various job-sites across the world simultaneously – always supported by a dedicated department at the J&D head office in the Netherlands.

On top of our dedication to quality and safety, we understand how important a tight schedule is to delivering successful, on-budget projects. This is aided from a logistics point-of-view by our site assembly system, which minimizes the impact of natural elements, such as rain and wind.

J&D assembly site in Uzbekistan